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Lead generation & E-commerce websites




Google Ads allows to  either increase the

traffic & sales

of your e-commerce website or to generate qualified leads.

Allowing an incredibly precise targeting, Facebook Ads can address the right message to the right persons at the good time.

Content marketing platforms like Outbrain or Taboola offer a different way to catch people's attention in order to achieve your goals.



Specialized in digital Marketing since more than 5 years, traffic acquisition and data analysis are the 2 mains competences that I offer as a Freelancer.


My clients are working in B to B or B to C environment in various sectors as: Gastronomy, Hotel business, Music, Distribution or New Technologies.

My services are: Audit, Start or takeover of accounts, re-structuration and traffic expansion.


Perfect command of the different possibilities offered on Adwords (Search, Display, Shopping, Remarketing), Facebook Ads (Audiences, Remarketing, Look-a-Like), Linkedin, Outbrain or Ligatus.

Complete knowledge of Google Analytics: data correction (anti-spam, referrals..), e-commerce tracking, goals tracking.

Systematic use of tag management tools (as Google Tag Manager) to optimize (time load of the pages) and centralize all the necessary pixels and tracking codes.

Deep understand of the possibilities offered by Google Data Studio to create high value reports, understand the trafic of my client's websites and improve the user experience.

Consistent feedback and interpretation of the results to increase the results.


Additional competences: Google Optimize, Search Console, PrestaShop, MailChimp.

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    In order to have successful results, your market knowledge is as important as a good online strategy and execution. This is why a broad discussion on your project, and what you expect from a possible online campaign is necessary. We will of course speak about which platform(s) you want to invest in and what you can expect out of them.


    Summarizing all the points discussed, this document highlights all important aspects of your business, your expectations with possible objectives, the platform(s) you decide to work on, when you want to start and any other information that will help me to establish an accurate proposal.


    Once we are agree on the brief, I will send you a proposal with all the details of our possible collaboration. This document, once signed protects both parties on several important points: Data privacy, responsibility, details on the work and the rates. Reviewed by a lawyer specialized in IT, this document is a key for a successful collaboration.


    Once we start working together, I will provide all the tracking elements that you/your team will need to implement on your website. This tracking codes will allow a better work in term of optimization but also reporting. At the end of every month, I'll send you a complete report on your investment with the key metrics that you decide to highlight. This report includes historical data to keep track of our results months after months.

    If you want to start working on a new platform, we can always adapt the contract and speak together about the new possibilities regarding your business.



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